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Career Objectives Featured By DSS

Dreamtech Software Solution(DSS) is a global IT services and solutions provider. We provide high and sophisticated career to all our working hands. As we believe in relation and building the dream of Dss to be the Kolkata number one software company.So,we will provide good and free with comfortable environment to all DSS family members.
This rich corporate heritage has given us many inherent advantages that we translate into tangible benefits for our clients.

Industrial Trainings
We provide good and professional training to all the fresher’s with high skills so that they can achieve high level and desirable goal to their dream in IT.

DSS intoduces the Trainings by professionals.
Our key strength is our people and we have created systems that allow us to attract, train and retain the best talent. We provide Vocational trainings and all final year training with live projects which are the clients projects that are running to the live server.

DSS Tie-ups
DSS have some major tie ups with the companies as a result of that we place talented and good profile trainee to the insight and company jobs for better career.

DSS is an independent company Established in 2009, Free scale has focused on becoming an agile, high-performance company. DSS has been a great asset throughout this journey. They have consistently delivered results and are a key partner in our IT and business transformation.

Sonali Bag
HR Admin